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Pictures by courtesy of Claus Holten

Pictures supplied by courtesy of

Vincent Fatica,

Kim Paludan,
Claus Holten,
The Fountain Pen Clinic
Werner Kleinhorst
Jim Gaston

I nformation for this penography has been collected from my personal Parker collection, collector friends - especially my mentor, the pen-wiz Gunnar Hülphers who got me started on this strange hobby - also advertising material and information from the following books and magazines (selected articles):

Fountain Pens Vintage and Modern by Andreas Lambrou
Fountain Pens of the World by Andreas Lambrou
Pen World Magazine
The Pen Fancier's Magazine Magazine
Fountain Pens and Pencils, The Golden Age of Writing Instruments by George Fischler and Stuart Schneider
Fountain Pens. A collector's guide... by Jonathan Steinberg
Collectable Fountain Pens by Glen Bowen
The 1992 Official P.F.C. Pen Guide by Cliff and Judy Lawrence
And also from pen-lists distributed by The Fountain Pen Hospital and Stuart Schneider

Additional thanks for information submitted by:
Vincent Fatica, Jonathan Pollack, Claus Holten, Peter Wichert, Michael Weiss and Pär Strand

A special thanks to Michael P Clague who gave me the idea. And to Richard Bowker who gave me the pens.